New Vision UMC
Monday, September 24, 2018

About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are called to be the Body of Christ as a community in covenant with God. We invite people of all cultures, races and lifestyles to explore their spirituality, to honor God, self and neighbor through worship, study and service.

Our History

The History of the New Vision United Methodist Church begins in two Peninsula communities - San Bruno and Millbrae.

The San Bruno United Methodist church was organized in 1904.  The building that housed this congregation now is the home of the first Tongan UMC of San Bruno, on the El Camino in San Bruno.

The Community Church of Millbrae was organized in 1939.

As the Peninsula's economics and demographics changed, the two congregations merged in 2000, 
sharing the gifts and graces of each to become the New Vision UMC, housed in the building that had been the home of the Community UMC of Millbrae.